Licensed in MO, KS, and AR

    Flood Cert/Life of Loan Service

    Property Xpress supports your flood determination needs-and helps you save time and money-with an intuitive application, and access to multiple carriers with whom we have long-standing relationships. Our comprehensive database provides you with automatic, 30-second delivery of flood determinations, with unrivaled accuracy. In the rare instances when manual intervention is required, we promise completed reports within 24 hours; with every request, you will receive standard HMDA information.

    Unique Benefits include:

    • Coverage available through US, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico
    • Life of Loan coverage available
    • Complimentary Census Tract Data provided
    • Complimentary Rush Orders provided
    • Complimentary Property locator, map, and HMDA information provided
    • Flood insurance available

    To order please contact us at (417) 823-0800