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Automated Valuation Reports


Depending on the risk level of your loan, an AVM might be your most economical choice. That’s why we offer you fast, cost-effective residential property valuations using any one of the multiple models we have available.  Our AVMs use detailed local, regional, and national information to provide valuations within seconds.

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We understand that there are a number of circumstances in which the risk level of you loan is too high for an automated valuation, but a full appraisal isn’t warranted.  Our Broker Price Opinion is ideal in these situations, and depending on your risk policy and underwriting guidelines, we can work with you to determine the optimal BPO for your lending strategy.

Our BPO is conducted by a licensed real estate professional, and a completed BPO is the composite of the following information:

  • Drive-by examination
  • Previous sale data
  • Property assessment data
  • Recent comparable sales
  • Current neighborhood listing
  • Photograph of the property

BPO Reports include;

  • Repair estimates, if repairs are needed to obtain fair market value
  • Neighborhood information and value estimate
  • Property and street scene photographs (photographs of comparable sales available for an additional fee)


Propery Xpress offers a unique warranted product that will save you time and money, and, most importantly, help you minimize any financial loss that results from faulty valuation.  The warranted Automated Valuation Model (AVM) covers all the top providers of AVM products, and is backed by an AM Best A-rated insurer.

This product is ideal for enhanced portfolio analysis and quality control, and is specific to first and second mortgages.  Specific product features include:

  • Cascading technology, which ensures highest hit rate and confidence levels
  • High maximum loan amounts of $1,000,000
  • No annual aggregate loss limits